Living the Forked Life.

ForkedUp was co-founded by Los Angeles natives Caroline Rollings and Erin Doll. After years of being considered the "go-to girls" for restaurant picks, they decided to grow their passion for dining adventures into a company. ForkedUp offers a variety of packages for the restaurants with which it chooses to partner, from photography and social media management to influencer events and website development. To gain a better understanding of the brains behind the brand, we've asked the girls to answer a couple of questions:

What is your favorite cuisine?

E: I want to say Mediterranean because I love to eat with my hands, but I know my answer is Italian. I could live off proscuitto and burrata forever. 

C: Japanese. It has gotten to the point where my friends refer to me as "aspir-asianal". I would eat sushi all day every day if I could.

If you could dine with a chef of your choice, who would it be?

E: Michael Symon. If he brings his bulldog, no competition. 

C: Curtis Stone. I mean...the face and the accent...who wouldn't want to?? 

What area of Los Angeles is your favorite for top notch eats?

E: I like the Abbot Kinney/Rose area. Original, innovative concepts flourish on those streets which makes any dining experience there an adventure. 

C: I have to say downtown even though it is impossible to get there without experiencing road rage. At least it's a good excuse to drink wine after?  

What is your single favorite ingredient? 

E: Burrata. On anything. 

C: Truffles. My love for food all started at the age of 7 with a magical day in Italy when I tried pasta with truffles for the first time. Mind - Blown.

What does Los Angeles need more of?

E: Wine bars! Especially one on Montana Ave...

C: YES!!! More wine bars please! 

Are there any foods that you absolutely will not try?

E: Bananas. No, not even in smoothies. Get them away.

C: Balut. If you don't know what it is, google it and you'll understand why.